LED Multifunctional Camping Light

LED Multifunctional Camping Light

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SpecificationsEmergency plastic hand torch lights lantern rechargeable solar led camping lamp2 LOAD CHARGES, NEVER POWER Solar Power 110-220 AC LoadProduct Instructions:This product is made ...


Emergency plastic hand torch lights lantern rechargeable solar led camping lamp


Solar Power 

110-220 AC Load

Product Instructions:

This product is made of plastic enviromentul, use lead acid battery. LED lamp has long-time discharge, low power consumption and long life features.

 Its novel designally and ideally use will be a lighting tool idea for you.

 LED lamp can also be used up to 100,000 hours.

 Product characteristice:

Nominal capactity 800 mah lead-acid battery.

Recharge time Durable more than 500 times

Use 5 long life, high brightness and power to subtract LED, time for light.

AC DC combined with

Instructions for Use 

Push the plug in perfectly when charging. Insert it directly into the socket with AC 110 v-250 v and cahrging indicator light. Keep charge about 12-15 hours. Discharge time of 12 hours or more.

Press the switch to turn on the light mode, continuous touch switches are turned on High-Low.

Exchange can not be used when the direct use of DC


Please recharge the batteries when the light becomes weak. Do not charge the batteries when they are depleted, or otherwise it will damage battery life.

Charge time should not exceed 24 hours. In case of long-idle, charge battery for more than 10 hours never three months or otherwise it will damage battery life.

Do not use during charging.

Do not expose this product to rain or moisture.

Product Description
Product Name

LED Multifunctional Camping Light


article number.LMCL
Product size18.5 * 7.6 cm
weight274g without dry battery

work time


More than 8 hours

useCamping, emergency, indoor
drums800 mah lead-acid battery
Of chargeSolar power + 110-220 v AC charge

Package Includes:

1x LED Multifunctional Camping Light

1x 110-220 AC Charging 

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